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  1. Aspiration, Vision, Goals - these are not big words for big businesses - many business people believe that staying motivated in the up and down world of business  the single most important factor contributing to their success. Ensuring that your business remains aligned with your life ambitions and goals is paramount. As they say, this is not a dress rehearsal. Our first email will take you through the important ways you can identify your primary aim and purpose of being in business. You'll find the downloadable worksheet invaluable.

  2. Marketing - Just what is marketing? It's not just advertising and promotional toys. It's everything you do to let people know what you offer and what you can do for them. Every business needs to market itself and most business owners are looking for cost-effective creative ways to grow their businesses. Taking time away from working in the business to focus on marketing will be time well spent. The downloadable marketing tool will help you assess your marketing efforts and develop creative ideas to keep you ahead of the pack.

  3. N-Gauge - it's not only about the dollars - very few small business owners really know how their business is going. They run their businesses via their bank statements. The successful business owners who have built up sustainable valuable business assets have found the secret of "measurement." In this our third email we share with you our version of the "balanced scorecard" as a way of really supercharging your business.

  4. People - generally it's not all about you! To be successful and allow yourself the time to work on your business, you have to ensure that your "people" are in tune with what you are trying to achieve. People are not only your staff but include your customers, your suppliers and your friends and family - anyone who can be impacted by your business.

  5. Building Lasting Value - If you are not building an asset of value that you can eventually sell or pass on to your family then you are only working for wages and you might make more money back in the rat race! There are easily applied methods of ensuring that you are not just working a job that you have created but are building an independent business that has real value as an asset. The download you will get with this last email in the series is called "Who Stole My Value" and gives you the opportunity to see how your business measures up and what you can do NOW to pack future realisable value into your business.

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