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Sell For Success 2

The Team - Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sell for success 2

This is the second of four blogs on selling. There is a science to selling - let’s talk about important steps in successfully obtaining sales.

Some preparatory work is required before you start talking to people.

Brainstorm a list of all the "pain" that people in your market experience. (If you don't know you shouldn't be operating in this niche!).

Then, list the features of your product or service. Features are the capabilities / specifications that make yours a good product or service. With this list, construct a table with the following headings:

Feature                          Benefit                                     Evidence (How)

For each feature, add “and this means that . . .” to determine a benefit. How will it reduce pain and make life better for the people who may buy your product or service?

For each benefit, add “how we do this is . . . ”. This is evidence that the benefits claimed are real.

For example, if a web developer were to do the exercise, they may produce the following features in a brainstorming session: great design and content; Search Engine Optimisation; robust development; and a good price.

Here is a table that could be developed from these benefits:




Great Design and Content

People will stay longer and probably buy from you

Pictures of sites that have been developed; testimonials


People will find to your site

List of previous customers that rank high on a search

Robust Development

Site will continue to operate under adverse conditions

Qualifications on sales material; testimonials

Good Price

The site is affordable and good value for money – the decision maker won’t feel ‘ripped off’

Preparedness to do a fixed price development; testimonials

When your salesperson is talking to a prospect, knowledge of the pain that prospects may be experiencing and the benefits that you can provide is invaluable.

The salesperson’s task is to bring to the surface the pain experienced by each prospect - to make them realise how bad their life has become. Note that different prospects will have different pain.

When, and only when, the prospect desperately needs the pain to disappear, the salesperson can offer relief by showing the specific benefits that will relieve the pain. This is the heart of making a sale.

The next blog will look at an important method for getting more prospects.

Happy Selling!

Bob Cross

logo designer commented on 24-Feb-2012 12:49 AM
Thanks for publishing these details on your site.

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