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Sell For Success 3

The Team - Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Elevator Pitch

You've probably heard the term "elevator pitch." As if you were travelling in an elevator, this is the pitch you make in the few moments you have to say something that sparks the listener's interest in your business. If your pitch is effective the listener will be sufficiently intrigued to ask you to elaborate. And who knows, this person could be your next best customer!

What Do You Say After You Say Hello

Think about what you say when you meet people at a function and they ask ‘what do you do?’. Does your response invite them to engage in more questions or do they move on to the canapes? 

My elevator pitch for NOW Business Mastery might be:

"I make businesses three to five times more valuable than they would otherwise be."

That's it. Short and sharp! If a person is a prospect they will say something like 'Really - how do you do that?'

Then I could follow up with 'lots of ways - depends on the company - where do you think the value lies in your business'.

In different circumstances I might say:

●      We help get systems in place so things don't fall through the cracks;

●      We take businesses on a proven ABCDE pathway to growth;

●      Accountants will tell you that a business is valued at about three times EBIT but if you know how then it can sell for many times that;

●      Our clients are helped through succession issues; and

●      We help find growth capital.

The next blog will look at hurdles that a salesperson must overcome.

Happy Selling!

Bob Cross

Andy Buchanan-Hughes commented on 29-Feb-2012 04:05 PM
Best elevator pitch I ever heard was from someone in the financial planning business. He told people when asked what he did, he replyed I'm a millionaire trainer.
Jon commented on 04-Mar-2012 12:52 PM
Thanks Andy, that pitch is certainly short and sweet and gets straight to what he is offering as a benefit. Makes you want to ask more. Jon

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