Who NOW ?

NOW Business Mastery Pty Ltd (“NOW”) is an Australian owned and operated company with its eyes and aspirations fixed firmly on the wider world.

NOW grew out of the realization that YOU, as the owner of a small business, often feel very lonely and isolated as you bravely try to solve countless issues across the broadest spectrum of business activity. It’s unlikely that you have at your disposal an Executive team or a Board of Directors. Finding the kind of helpful advice you need can prove difficult as the traditional consulting model is often too complicated, too impersonal and, let’s face it, too expensive!

NOW is different. We like to look at things from your point of view. You got into running your own business because you wanted to set yourself free from something. You wanted real success, on your terms. How that success is defined is up to you.

The NOW philosophy is simple. We help the owners of small business have more fun, more success, more time and more cash.

NOW’s process is straightforward; yet supported by proven business logic.

And always, at the heart of all we do, there is YOU.

The Directors and founding fathers of the Company are all experienced, qualified business people with experience in the corporate world and in running successful small businesses. All are Accredited Associates of the International Institute for Independent Business.

Bob Cross

Bob Cross

(that's him on the left) has scaled many of the peaks of business life – State Manager of major companies, wide Asian experience, $1,000,000 sales and a PhD based on management problem-solving. With a background of senior corporate positions, since 2007 he has enjoyed rolling up his sleeves and helping owners of small businesses. No matter what the situation, Bob has the experience to see a way forward.

Jon Elbery

Jon Elbery

has been working with small businesses since 2008. Jon feels strongly that small business owners are the lifeblood of the local economy and loves the way small business owners cut through the red-tape and take immediate action to solve their business problems. In past lives he was the managing director of a private company with worldwide operations and an executive director of a Western Australian based public listed company.

Peter Marchant

Peter Marchant

describes himself as a battle-hardened business veteran who has come out the other side with a smile on his face and very positive attitude. Though a very good strategist, Peter has a high regard for people – who make a business tick and give a company its personality. With a Masters in Business Leadership from Curtin University in Perth, Peter always looks to find the “human” effect in all he does.

Associated Businesses

Each of our directors has an associated business which is complementary to NOW Business Mastery

Whiteknight Capital

Bob Cross's Whiteknight Capital is a Corporate Advisory firm, supplying an essential business solution to Early and Expansion Stage companies in the areas of Capital Raising, Venture Capital, Private Equity and Corporate Strategy. For growth companies, capital raising is an important component of accelerating growth and developing the businesses infrastructure. We provide advice on establishing a sound business base to facilitate fundraising and long-term strategic plans. Whiteknight Capital can assist your business in the following areas:

  •  Defining clear corporate strategy
  •  Information Memorandum or Business Plan creation 
  •  Compliant private capital raisings
  •  Wholesale Investor Listing
  •  Capital Raising facilitation


Jon Elbery also runs a boutique web design and development company called fortunegreen. fortunegreen uses the Adobe Business Catalyst development platform which is perfect for hosting function rich small business websites

E3 Solutions

E3 Solutions is a Life and Corporate Coaching enterprise set up by our own Peter Marchant. With his fascination for people and personal performance, Peter and his associates help people from all walks of life meet challenges, aspire to greatness and reach their desired personal goals. Some of the services available are:

  • Life coaching;
  • Corporate coaching and team events;
  • Business mentoring;
  • Presentation skills;
  • Career counseling;

If you think you, a family member of just someone you care about would benefit from a discreet, confidential chat with Peter or one of his associates, why not visit the website and drop the friendly folks there a line to find out more.

The NOW Experience

  • An innovative and personalised approach to small business help and advice
  • Structured programmes and personal coaching to deliver more fun, cash, time and success to the owners of small business
  • Competitively priced consultancy and help to suit your budget
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